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In 2017, I was hit by a drunk driver.

The driver that hit me had very low limits on their insurance. I had to use my own insurance to cover the remaining bills. I’m grateful that I hired The Law Offices of Black and DePaoli, because my insurance company didn’t want to fulfill their obligations to me. Black and DePaoli stuck with me and fought hard for me. I was able to get all that I was owed. They were a tremendous help. I highly recommend this firm to anyone they will be by your side and fight for you all the way.

- Lenny S.
I was in an accident in July of 2020 where the other driver ran a red light

The was not the owner of the vehicle, and the owner of the vehicle only carried the state minimum coverages for insurance. The coverage barely was enough to repair the extensive damage on my vehicle, let alone my severe injuries that required surgery and months of rehab. I began working with Travis and Kelsey when I realized I would have to utilize my underinsured motorist coverage on my own policy, and my own insurance company was becoming difficult to work with. Travis and Kelsey made the stress of it all much easier to deal with. They handled everything and were on the ball. The communication was fantastic, and constant, I always felt in the loop, whenever I had questions Kelsey was quick to call me. I feel taken care of and appreciated. Nothing like my own insurance company made me feel. I hope to never need them again, but know where to find them if I do.

- Tracy L.
I was in an accident and was not sure what to do

The team at Black and Depaoli explained it all to me and made me feel very comfortable and taken care of. They took care of everything for me and kept me very informed about what was happening. They checked on me to see how I was feeling and how my treatment was coming along. Very nice people that seemed to care about my well being. Hopefully no more car accidents for me but if it happens I will be calling them immediately. Highly recommend this firm they do a great job!

- Nora D.
I was the victim of a drunk hit-and-run driver

My story is much too complicated to detail here, but I was the victim of a drunk hit-and-run driver. I knew my case was complicated, with (sequential and compounding, unprovable but unquestionable) missteps and errors by officers of numerous local agencies, along with the inevitable involvement of multiple insurance carriers. We’ve all been subjected to commercials for Private Injury attorneys, and like many I fell for their skillful marketing. After being told ‘there isn’t enough there’ repeatedly, I’d all but given up. I knew I was screwed. Then a friend referred me to Travis Black & Associates (now Black & DePaoli) and I scheduled to meet with Kelsey DePaoli. She listened, and her appreciation and concern for my situation honestly had me in tears. Somebody was finally listening. And cared. About me! From that first meeting with Kelsey, I thoroughly understood the parameters of my case at every step, and at every turn my options were clearly explained, and my decisions accepted. I knew from the outset that I would never receive “justice” for what happened to me, but the team at Black & DePaoli achieved a settlement several times greater than I could have hoped. The few remaining tasks were fully explained, and I was offered to continue with representation or to handle them myself, with their continued support and assistance if needed. The Law Office of Black & DePaoli may not be the best-known Private Injury law firm in the Greater Sacramento region, but they are the best in my eyes. I appreciate what they achieved for me more than they will ever know.

- John H.
Travis and Kelsey Are Down to Earth, Honest and Straightforward, and That Was Refreshing

“We (my husband & I) were in an accident, hit by a motorcycle. Totaled my car, and resulted in various injuries including surgery. Never used an attorney before nor been in a car accident. We didn’t know what to do, & our case was ‘delicate’. Travis and Kelsey (their whole crew) was beyond incredible. I can’t say enough of how they handled our case. Imagine you had a bada** uncle that happened to be the best attorney around. That is how they treated us, like your strongest family fighting in your corner. Supporting us thru the whole process, sometimes a conversation just checking on how we were emotionally. Travis and Kelsey are down to earth, honest and straightforward, and that was refreshing. This was an overwhelming experience, and it was so comforting knowing they were fighting for our justice. And that’s what they did. If you need someone to take you fight for you, call Travis and Kelsey.”

- Former Client
They Treat You as a Person and Not as a Case.

“Shon and Kelsey are the best two people you could ask for. Very detailed, professional and conscientious of the client. They treat you as a person and not as a case. If I ever get to a spot I will definitely return to The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC I give them 100% positive feedback.”

- Jason S.
I Recommend The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC for Any and All Cases, They Will Get the Job Done.

“I’m a Folsom resident and was in need of finding a Lawyer. Living and working in Folsom I needed to find someone close to home. I found much more than that when I met with Travis Black; I found someone who cares deeply for my health and well-being. I was in a very minor car accident, but was injured in a very different way than most injuries. I was rear-ended, but my back was not injured, my left foot was injured. But Travis Black knowing this would be a very difficult case, still took on my case and treated me as if he was helping a family member. Throughout the whole process they kept me updated. Shon Christensen the file handler on my case, and I couldn’t have asked for better service, he was amazing. I recommend The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC for any and all cases, they will get the job done. They were able to settle my case and get me a settlement for more than I expected. Thank you!”

- Tamara B.
These People Are First Rate and I Was in the Best of Hands.

“I am so truly grateful that I found the folks at The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC! After my accident I was injured and very unsure as to how to handle all the medical bills that were thrown at me, with several going into collections. But Travis and his staff were very accessible to me, thorough, and reassuring. They were on the ball and took care of every detail of the case. Any time I needed to ask a question I only had to call and I could speak to them on the spot. I am very thankful that my case was assigned to Shon, as he was so patient and explained everything to me when I was confused as to how the process worked. The best thing is that my case just settled today, and I received more than I even expected. I could never have dealt with all of this on my own. These people are first rate and I was in the best of hands. Thank you!”

- Melissa H.
We Are Very Happy With Their Services and Definitely Have The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC on Speed Dial.

“My husband and I are very grateful and blessed to have had Travis and his time on our side. My husband was in a terrible accident and Travis and his team were so very kind and attentive. They responded to our calls and e-mails promptly and listened to our needs. I highly recommend them to anyone going through the horrors of personal injuries. In the beginning not knowing what to do was frustrating and scary. Once we found Travis it was a weight lifted off our shoulders. He personally took the time to come meet with us, to explain the process and what was to come, he went above and beyond, and would even call just to check up. We are very happy with their services and definitely have The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC on our speed dial. Thank you, we are forever grateful to you Travis, Shon, Kelsey and everyone involved. Awesome team!”

- Kayzee B.
I Would Recommend These Attorneys to Anyone That Feels That Insurance Companies Are Jerking Them Around

“I was in an auto accident and both parties had the same insurance. What a nightmare! The friendly folks at The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC helped me every step of the way! They were helpful and very easy to get a hold of. I spoke with Travis, Kelsey and Sofia as well as the friendly front office phone staff and every interaction was handled with attentive and fabulous customer service. I would recommend this outfit to anyone who feels that insurance is jerking them around.”

- Rae Rae K.