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If you have brought a child into this world you know how important it is to know that your child is safe, and in the right care. No one ever thinks of the possibility of loosing custody of their child without any notice or good reason.

If you can relate to the experience of new mother Anna Nikolayev and husband Alex, who had their 5 month old son literally striped from their arms, then you need the help of attorney Travis Black. He will fight to reunite your family!

Mother Knows Best, Better Than CPS!

In the case of Anna Nikolayev, all her and husband Alex were trying to do was to get the best care possible for their son Sammy, who happens to suffer from a heart condition. As responsible, and concerned parents, after having their son treated in a hospital where medical staff had made mistakes in his treatment, they had decided to get a second opinion from a doctor at another hospital.

And what reward did they receive for displaying the utmost care and concern for their child's well being? They had the police and Child Protective Services come and remove 5 month old Sammy from their home. The reason for the removal of the child from his home? Severe and prolonged neglect.

According to the Department of Social and Health Services, "Neglect may include not providing a safe home, food, clothing, or medical/dental care, as well as leaving a young child alone or with someone who is not able to care for him/her, driving while intoxicated with an unrestrained child in the car, etc. Failure to supervise older children can also be considered neglect."

The Nikolayev family was doing just the opposite of this, they were seeking out the best medical treatment for their son. Sammy's very own doctor who had been treating him at Kaiser Permanente said that the baby was clinically safe to go home with his parents and also added "I do not have concern for the safety of the child at home with his parents." This goes to show that there was no apparent reason to believe the child was being neglected, and the authorities, and CSP had no right to take this boy from his parents.

Stay Calm, Know Your Rights, And Get Help

If you are facing a situation where you are no longer in custody of your own child this can be an extremely overwhelming and intimidating experience. The best thing to do is know what rights you have as a parent, and to seek out the legal help you will need to help guide you through this difficult and overwhelming time.

In order for the CSP to come into your home they must obtain a Protective Custody Warrant to do so. The only situation where they can remove your child from your custody is if there is reason to believe that the child is at imminent risk of serious injury or is in immediate need for medical care.

Once your child is removed from your custody CPS must first find relatives and Non Related Extended Family Members who are willing to take the child and who also pass all of the requirements necessary to do so. If neither are able to care for your child, only then will a foster care provider be arranged to care for the child.

After your child's removal from your custody it is your right to speak with them by telephone no more than five hours after removal. After this initial contact you have the right to and it is required by the CSP to make it possible for you to have telephone contact with your child regularly until the date of your hearing, unless of course that contact would be detrimental to your child.

There are many more thing that you NEED to know when facing the loss of custody of your child, and we are here to help you!

We Will Help You Navigate The Rough Waters of The Courts To Help Reunite You With Your Family!

There is no reason anyone should try to face this situation alone. Attorney Travis Black has years of experience helping families just like yours. Every situation is different and all of the team at Travis G. Black $ Associates are ready to help fight for you, to get the justice you deserve!

Don't lose the most precious things in your life because you did not have the knowledge and the backing of a team who cares. Call Travis G. Black & Associates now to book your free consultation and let us start fighting for you!

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