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 Trucking AccidentsMany people are injured or killed each year as a result of a trucking accident. When a commercial vehicle hits a smaller vehicle or rolls over on the highway, the consequences are often devastating. Even if a truck driver walks away relatively unscathed, pedestrians or people in cars or on motorcycles may be injured or killed due to the weight and size of the truck. If you are hurt or a loved one is killed by a careless truck driver, the California personal injury lawyers at Black & DePaoli can help you recover compensation for your losses. From our Folsom office, we represent California residents who need a Folsom personal injury attorney to assert their rights.

Establishing Liability After a Truck Accident

Trucking accidents often result from a truck driver’s negligence. It is difficult to operate a tractor-trailer that can weigh more than 80,000 lbs safely. There are many laws and regulations that tractor-trailer drivers must follow to avoid injuring others. If a truck driver violates the safety rules and injures people, victims may be eligible for compensation. The attorneys at Black & DePaoli will help you obtain just compensation.

An individual truck driver’s insurance policy may not have sufficient coverage for all the injuries sustained in a truck accident, particularly when there are many victims. You may also be able to turn to the truck driver’s employer to recover damages. The employer may be held indirectly responsible for the negligence of their employee.

Federal and state laws regulate trucking companies as well as their drivers. If a trucking company fails to follow the rules related to hiring, training or overseeing the work of a truck driver, they will be directly liable under theories of negligent hiring, training, or supervision. These theories require you to establish that the trucking company was independently negligent.

For example, if a trucking company fails to conduct a background check that would have revealed that the driver was an alcoholic with multiple DUIs and his drunk driving is the cause of an accident, you may be able to hold the trucking company responsible. Trucking companies have more insurance coverage than individual drivers, so establishing their liability may be crucial in recovering the full amount of your damages.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in California

Truck accidents occur for many reasons, generally including things like driver error, poor vehicle maintenance, improper cargo loading, and dangerous driving. A truck accident personal injury attorney in Folsom, California, will review the details of a truck accident claim to help a client determine the best route to compensation for their injuries.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents in the Folsom area include:

If you experienced any truck accident due to one of these causes, a truck accident personal injury attorney in Folsom, California, could help you determine the best steps to take toward recovery.

Common Injuries in Trucking Accidents

Any type of motor vehicle collision has the potential to cause serious injuries to the drivers and passengers involved. However, tractor-trailer accidents have a greater potential for injuries due to the large and inherently dangerous nature of their vehicles. Common injuries in truck accidents can include:

Tractor-trailers are the largest on the roads and present a serious danger to others. Truck drivers, trucking companies, distributors, and/or truck part manufacturers who fail in their duty of care to ensure the safety and reliability of these vehicles and their operations could be liable for the victim’s injuries and damages. The catastrophic injuries that occur from tractor-trailer accidents aren’t something victims should have to manage alone.

Consult an Experienced Folsom Truck Accident Lawyer

Folsom truck accident lawyer Travis G. Black worked for the insurance industry before establishing his own firm in Folsom. He now uses his knowledge of this industry in service of his clients. Our firm offers knowledgeable legal counsel and works diligently on behalf of accident victims. Contact us online or call Black & DePaoli at 916-962-2896 for a free consultation with a Folsom truck accident attorney.


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