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When you are hurt in an accident, dealing with significant medical expenses or property damage, you should enlist legal advice and representation from an experienced attorney. What is at stake is too important to leave to chance or your own efforts. This is a time sensitive decision as delays can impact securing witnesses or statements that will be essential in developing your case. At the Folsom firm of Black & DePaoli, we provide aggressive representation to people who need a California personal injury lawyer.

Representation for Accident Victims

Some of the personal injury cases that we handle arise out of car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions, as well as slip and falls, day care accidents, and dog bites. Most of these events are the result of careless or wrongful conduct. Tragically, they may result in serious, potentially life-changing harm, ranging from brain and spinal cord injuries to reflex sympathetic dystrophy or even a wrongful death.

To assert your right to compensation, you will need to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant owed you a duty of care and breached this duty. You also will need to establish the elements of causation and damages. The accident must have been a direct and reasonably foreseeable result of the defendant’s carelessness or misconduct. The damages that may be awarded in these cases are often substantial, extending from compensation for medical bills, the costs of future treatment, lost income and earning capacity, and property damage to the pain and suffering that the victim endured. It is critical to take legal action as soon as possible after an accident, since the California statute of limitations restricts the time period within which a victim may bring a claim.


There are certain critical situations in life about which people cannot afford to take chances. When these moments arise, the Folsom law firm of Black & DePaoli. is ready to provide perceptive legal counsel and vigorously advocate for an appropriate outcome. Contact us online or at 916-962-2896 for a free consultation if you need a California personal injury attorney to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

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