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The attorneys at the Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC, are currently accepting new clients at our Folsom, CA personal injury office. Prospective clients can reach out to our team at any time to request a case evaluation, and we are happy to meet with clients at their convenience. If you would like to stop into our Folsom CA, personal injury office, you’ll find us at 1839 Iron Point Road in Suite 160, just north of the Lincoln Highway in southern Folsom. You can find our office just a few minutes away from the Prairie City Road exits of the Lincoln Highway. If you’re coming from the northern Folsom area, you can follow the Oak Avenue Parkway until it intersects with Iron Point Road or down Prairie City Road from the Folsom Heights and Prairie Oaks areas.


When you need an experienced Folsom, CA personal injury attorney to handle a complex case, it’s vital to find one with practical experience handling your specific type of case. Personal injury law covers a broad spectrum of legal matters, from car accident lawsuits to premises liability claims. When you have a unique personal injury case, be sure to choose an attorney that can provide the individualized representation and careful attention to detail you expect from your Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer.

Folsom, CA, is a beautiful city, but local residents and visitors face many of the same risks as they do in every other part of American. Negligent drivers and property owners are everywhere, and intentional torts can occur with little to no warning virtually anywhere. It’s natural to feel confused and distressed after a personal injury, and a Folsom, CA personal injury attorney can help you determine your best legal options after any personal injury.


Just 22 miles northeast of California’s capital city of Sacramento, Folsom is a busy but relatively quiet part of northern California. It’s a nice suburb with a high standard of living and is home to the largest corporate employer in the Sacramento area, tech giant Intel. More than 77,000 people are living in Folsom, CA, and the median family income for the area is quite high at $132,894. The area is also famous for being the home of the Folsom Prison and its association with musical legend Johnny Cash.

Many people living in Folsom work for Intel and the company’s partners, as well as local businesses throughout the area. The average commute time is about 26 minutes for employees living in Folsom. Most of them travel to work on their own.


When personal injuries occur in Folsom, injured victims can pursue legal action through the local civil court system. The plaintiff must formulate a lawsuit with the help of a Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer and follow the civil court’s procedures and policies to the letter to succeed with their claim.

Navigating the court system without the assistance of an attorney is risky. If you make a mistake on paperwork you submit to the court, fail to meet a filing deadline, or otherwise compromise your legal proceedings, your case could be thrown out before it even lands before a judge to review. Hiring an experienced Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer means you will not need to worry about administrative or procedural errors interfering with your lawsuit. Your attorney will ensure your case meets all court filing deadlines and that all documentation you submit is as complete and accurate as possible.

The vast majority of personal injury claims filed in the United States settle outside of court. A personal injury plaintiff will need to file their Complaint with the local courthouse. The courthouse will then provide the defendant named in the Complaint with the appropriate materials to provide an answer. However, the parties involved in a personal injury claim may ultimately reach a mutual agreement without any litigation at all.


Settlement negotiation can be advantageous for both the plaintiff of a personal injury lawsuit as well as the defendant or defendants named in the claim. The longer the plaintiff’s damages remain unaddressed, the more other economic concerns may accrue, such as unpaid household bills and other expenses due to injury and inability to work. The longer the case continues, the more the defendant will need to spend on legal fees. Ultimately, reaching a speedy resolution through settlement negotiation is in the best interests of all parties involved in a personal injury claim.

After the initial exchange of the plaintiff’s Complaint and the defendant’s Answer, the parties involved in the personal injury lawsuit may meet to discuss settlement. The defendant can make the problem go away faster by parting with a bit more than expected, and the plaintiff can obtain compensation more quickly by being flexible in their demands. If the parties can reach an agreement, the defendant will provide compensation. The plaintiff will provide a release of liability from the defendant that assures them the settlement closes the matter.

When settlement negotiations prove fruitless, the case proceeds to litigation. A Folsom, CA personal injury attorney can guide you through the personal injury case process, but even straightforward cases can take months or years to resolve this way. At our Folsom, CA office, we help our clients determine their best possible outcomes from settlement and when to shift focus toward litigation, if necessary.


The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC in Folsom, CA, has extensive experience with a wide variety of personal injury cases. Some of the cases we have successfully handled for past clients of our Folsom, CA personal injury office include:

  • Motor vehicle accident lawsuits. Accidents involving motor vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial trucks, and motorcycles, are one of the leading causes of accidental injuries and deaths in the US. If a negligent driver caused losses to you or a loved one, a Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer can help you hold them accountable.
  • Premises liability claims. Property owners must ensure their premises are safe for lawful guests and visitors. If you suffered an injury due to poor lighting, a broken stairway, or inadequate security on someone else’s property that they should have fixed, you can file a premises liability claim in Folsom, CA civil court to recover your losses.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. Some personal injuries involve traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and internal organ damage that leads to lifelong medical complications, disability, and diminished quality of life. At our Folsom, CA personal injury office, we take catastrophic injury claims very seriously. We explore every open channel of compensation for our clients to help them secure the most compensation possible to cover future living and medical expenses.
  • Dog bite lawsuits. California dog owners are strictly liable for injuries their pets inflict on others, regardless of whether their dogs displayed any aggressive behavior in the past. A dog bite lawsuit can help a victim recover their medical expenses, but it’s worth remembering that California’s strict liability statute will not protect intruders or trespassers bitten or otherwise injured by a dog when they do not have the property owner’s permission to be present on the property in question.
  • Wrongful death lawsuits. When a personal injury plaintiff dies from the injury or illness cited in their claim, one of their closest relatives may have the ability to pursue a wrongful death claim in lieu of a personal injury lawsuit. In California, a spouse, child, parent, or anyone dependent on the deceased may file a wrongful death claim. It may also be possible for anyone with a valid claim on any part of the deceased’s estate to pursue wrongful death action if the death occurred due to negligence. Plaintiffs in wrongful death claims can collect several types of damages that reflect those that would have come into play in a personal injury claim had the deceased survived.

The attorneys at our Folsom, CA personal injury office can help you with a wide variety of civil claims in the Folsom, CA civil court system. We understand that it can be stressful managing the fallout from a personal injury while your debts and living expenses accumulate, especially if you are unable to work or permanently disabled. When these incidents happen due to negligence, we believe in fighting for our clients’ rights and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.


You may be wondering if your injury qualifies for a personal injury claim. Here are some of the most common types of injuries we see when helping personal injury clients in Folsom, CA:

If your injury is not listed above, our personal injury attorneys may still be able to help with your claim. Contact us for a free case review, and our attorneys will let you know if you have a valid claim.


Approaching the Folsom, CA civil court system for the first time as a plaintiff in a personal injury claim can be a very daunting and challenging experience. Having the right Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer on your side can significantly improve the experience you have with your legal proceedings and increase the likelihood of securing the compensation you expect from your claim.

Most personal injury attorneys offer prospective clients the chance to schedule consultations or initial case reviews. It’s a good idea to take advantage of a discounted or complimentary consultation offer from an experienced attorney if you want to learn more about your legal position. During a consultation, the attorney reviews the basic details of the potential client’s claim and assesses the strength of the claim.

During your first consultation with a prospective Folsom, CA personal injury attorney, you should expect the attorney to ask several questions about your case and the evidence you have to support your claim for damages. The attorney should provide you with their interpretation of your situation and prediction of the outcome of your case, should you accept their representation. The attorney should also inform you as to their billing policy. Most personal injury attorneys operate contingency fee policies, meaning they take legal fees as percentages of their clients’ case winnings and only take fees when they win their cases. If you meet with an attorney who offers contingency fee billing and they offer to take your case, this is a strong indication that your case is likely to succeed since they only get paid if you win.


A personal injury in Folsom, CA, can have significant short and long-term effects. You might be unable to work and unable to pay your medical bills, and your financial future may hinge on recovering compensation from a personal injury lawsuit. It’s very easy for the damages resulting from a personal injury to have a compound effect, touching all aspects of your life very quickly.

Physical injuries can lead to expensive medical bills that your health insurance may not fully cover, leaving you responsible for the remainder out of your own pocket. Severe injuries might limit your mobility and ability to do your job for months, years, or even permanently. If you had a professional license that depended on the use of your body but can no longer perform your job duties, you may be forced to change careers entirely following your recovery. Some must even refrain from working at all in the future.

Some personal injuries can also result in psychological trauma. Individuals who experience severe accidents or interpersonal violence may be traumatized by these incidents, resulting in significant mental health complications that require specialized care. A personal injury attorney can accurately assess the full range of damages available for a plaintiff in a Folsom, CA personal injury lawsuit.


Prompt action is essential if you hope to win your personal injury lawsuit in the Folsom, CA court system. Whether you’re headed for settlement negotiations or a lengthy trial, a skilled Folsom, CA personal injury lawyer can help a client properly prepare for their legal proceedings and meet California’s two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims.

If you’re ready to discuss your personal injury claim with a Folsom, CA personal injury attorney, the Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC in Folsom, CA, is ready to hear from you. Our Folsom, CA personal injury office is located conveniently on Iron Point Drive in Folsom just north of the Lincoln Highway. If you want to get started now, fill out our online contact form. One of the attorneys at our Folsom, CA personal injury office will respond as quickly as possible with directions for the next steps you should take with your claim.


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