Motorcycle v. Auto

Our office obtained a 1.5 million dollar combined settlement for our injured clients when they were broadsided by a drunk motorcycle rider. One client had pain management for severe injuries to neck and back. The other client had neck surgery as a result of the collision. The medical bills were less and 30k on one and around 40k for the other. We fought the insurance company for years. They refused to pay out the 50k limit and ended up paying $1,450,000 over their policy limits. Our office obtained a $900,000 settlement for our young client that was injured as the result of a rear end collision in Sacramento County that required back surgery. The defendant alleged that he was looking over at his passenger and did not see the traffic stop. After multiple low offers, we filed suit, and we resolved the case just before the trial. Our office obtained a $800,000 settlement for our client that injured her back in a car accident. The insurance company refused to pay, so we filed suit and we resolved the case shortly before trial. Our office obtained a $500k policy limit settlement against our clients own insurance after they refused to pay for a couple years. We litigated the case and settled before it went to a binding arbitration.