winter safety travel tips

It’s winter time and there are many people out on the roads traveling to see friends and family. Between the Holidays and the Winter Road conditions, roads can get very busy, and the weather can create circumstances that we don’t usually have to think about! During these winter months it is incredibly important to be aware of your surroundings while driving, don’t be distracted and always make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions! Rain and snow can cause additional issues on the roadways and we here at The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC would like to give you some tips to help you out this winter season. If you are preparing to go on a fun winter road trip you have plenty of wonderful options!

First you need to decide where you want to go and what activities you want to partake in! There are many great places near the Sacramento area that offer that adventurous winter trip you are looking for. We are not too far from Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Mt. Shasta and the Sierra Hot Springs!

Tahoe is just a short drive from our local area, and it is a magical place to be in the cold winter days! But, before you pack up the car and head up to enjoy the wonderful snow cap mountain views of Tahoe or any other place you decide, be sure you have the appropriate tires or chains that fit your car in case you need it! Make sure you have a full tank of gas and that someone knows where you are headed, and how long it should take you to get there! Always, make sure someone is aware of your travel plans and make sure to check in with them as planned, so they don’t have to worry.

If you are road tripping in the winter months you will likely hit snow and some ice. Black ice is hard to spot, so be sure to be cautious, as always stay within the speed limit. When planning for these winter drives make sure you have the essentials for cold weather traveling. There are times on snowy-mountain roads if the weather gets bad enough, Cal Trans will be forced to shut down the road. In other cases, drivers that were not prepared could cause accidents forcing others to stop for extended periods of time. It is important that you pack blankets, and a safety kit, which includes flares and any other first aid materials that could come in handy! If you must get out of your car to put chains on, make sure you have a tarp handy, this tarp will protect you from the elements while you work outside your vehicle. Also, don’t forget the snacks, drinks, ice scrapers, gloves, matches and flash lights. These are all things that can come in handy if they close a road due to weather! And always, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone, and if your cell phone does not have service, it’s smart to bring a portable weather radio too!

Once you have taken all the proper steps to travel in winter weather, it’s time to get out there and enjoy the snow and the beautiful views!! Some of our favorite things to do in Tahoe are snow ski, snowboard, and sled! There are many restaurants with outdoor fire pits and heat lamps too! This is a wonderful time to sit outside in your cozy clothes and hat and sip on hot chocolate while you people watch or listen to live music! Enjoy these fun winter months!!