car accident

Those involved in an auto accident, disoriented though they may be at first, will need to take certain steps. These steps will ensure a timely physical recovery for those injured as well as smooth the way for determining legal liability. The side that was not to blame may then, with the guidance of a Folsom car accident lawyer, pursue a claim against the other driver.

What to Do at the Crash Site

Both sides should not disturb the crash site insofar as the vehicles do not pose a safety risk or block traffic. They should write down what was damaged or lost and record any injuries, aches, or pains. They must contact the local police or CHP and call for an ambulance if anyone sustained serious injuries.

In addition, victims will want to write down what they remember of the events leading up to the accident. If there were witnesses, victims can take down their contact information and their version of the events.

The drivers must exchange contact and insurance information. They must then cooperate with the police, who will fill out an accident report. These reports are crucial in Sacramento personal injury cases. One thing that drivers should never do is admit fault.

Notifying the Insurer

Victims should notify their auto insurance provider to be covered for the cost of vehicle repairs. If the vehicle was totaled, victims may receive its actual cash value as compensation.

Seeking Medical Attention

Sacramento personal injury attorney would most likely recommend that accident victims seek immediate medical attention. Some medical conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries and herniated discs, may not reveal their symptoms until weeks later.

Seeing a Folsom Accident Attorney

Those who wish to be compensated for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other economic and non-economic losses may file a claim against the other’s auto insurance provider. A lawyer from The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC may assist with every step from the proving of the defendant’s negligence to the negotiating of a settlement.