personal injury

Proceeds from a personal injury case are always paid per the element of the claim. Certain items are classified as compensatory damages, while financial awards based on gross negligence can result in punitive damages, or in certain situations, even a full trial. Special damages are the financial recovery items that have definitive dollar amounts assigned, such as medical bills and lost wages when the injured claimant is unable to work until full rehabilitation. For those left disabled, this can be an extensive sum of money, but it is still considered an economic damage claim item. Compensatory damages based on other factors are typically non-economic. These values can be complicated to calculate, and it always stakes an experienced legal counselor like the Folsom CA lawyers at The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC to establish equitable requests.

General Damages

While some recoverable items are detailed by exact dollar amounts, known as special damages, non-economic damages are general damages paid based on the ongoing problems a claimable injury will present for the claimant. It is very difficult to put an exact amount on these claims, but an experienced attorney will understand how to craft a damage request using other cases and as many possible future scenarios as can be determined. Personal injury cases are rarely equal when it comes to adequate compensation, and those who are permanently injured can get short-changed easily without the right legal counselor. These damages are typically called pain-and-suffering for the primary claimant but can be part of a loss of consortium claim for the family in a wrongful death action.

Punitive Damages

Cases that involve gross negligence on the part of any respondent could be subject to a punitive award when a sympathetic jury agrees with the plaintiff legal representative. These awards are not necessarily meant as compensatory financial items, but they are often what makes the victim whole in total compensation. The fact that they are non-economic also means the court can reduce excessive amounts in some cases, which is another reason why it is vital to have comprehensive aggressive Folsom CA lawyers handling your case.

Never handle an injury claim personally. Residents in Folsom CA should always call The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC for comprehensive case representation.