spinal cord injury case

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 12,000 people each year suffer spinal cord injuries. In most cases trauma is the primary reason for the injury, which can result in temporary or permanent loss of sensation, bowel and bladder control, and in the most severe cases paralysis. If you have been the victim of a spinal cord injury, it is imperative you have legal representation from Sacramento CA personal injury lawyers.

Auto Accidents

For most people who suffer these injuries, auto accidents are the primary cause. Unfortunately, most injuries occur due to the carelessness and negligence of other drivers. Whether it involves a DUI, excessive speed, or distracted driving, contact The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC to discuss your legal options.

Medical Malpractice

In some situations, victims receive spinal cord injuries due to medical malpractice. This can involve a variety of situations, including surgical errors, failure to properly diagnose injuries, allowing patients to fall while in a hospital, and other scenarios. If you have been involved in these or other situations, contact a Sacramento CA medical malpractice law firm immediately.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Whether at work, in a store, or on a slippery parking lot, slip and fall accidents can lead to devastating spinal cord injuries. In many cases, negligence and carelessness are key factors in these accidents. From failing to wipe up spills on an aisle to leaving ice on a parking lot, these and other factors can result in spinal cord injuries. If you have a slip and fall accident, consult with Sacramento CA personal injury lawyers at once.

Since spinal cord injuries can be life-altering, always make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To discuss your case in greater detail, contact the Sacramento CA medical malpractice law firm of The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC.