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Call a motorcycle attorney that rides! A true motorcycle enthusiast all his life, The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC has ridden a motorcycle most of his life. He started off with a 1970 Honda 350 and has owned over a dozen motorcycles since this first one. One of his passions is touring the U.S. on a motorcycle.

He has ridden for years with the Blue Knights, an international organization of active and retired police officers that share the passion of riding motorcycles. He has ridden through most of the U.S. with the Blue Knights. His lifelong passion for riding naturally led him to help fellow bikers who were being taken advantage of in personal injury cases by greedy insurance companies.

Over the years I have found that once other motorcycle riders learned that I was a retired police officer and a Folsom personal injury lawyer in California that specialized in motorcycle accident cases they would often ask me the same questions about the different aspects of motorcycle insurance, accident claims, dealing with injuries and getting their motorcycle repaired. That is why I have supported motorcycle riders for over 25 years.

It angers me to see insurance companies refusing to take responsibility when it comes to dealing with motorcycle accidents. Often times they attempt to blame the motorcycle rider instead of the driver of the car that wasn’t paying attention!

All insurance companies play the same games, delay, deny and defend. They attempt to wear the motorcycle owner down by ignoring their requests for help. Hoping that they will just go away. Another tactic is to rush to close your claim. They offer you a few hundred dollars in hopes that you will take it.

Their first line of defense is the insurance claims adjuster. These employees are over worked and underpaid. They are constantly being given more cases than they can handle. This in turn starts the delay in properly handling your claim, hoping to again wear you down. Often you will be handed from one adjuster to another or to a “team” of adjusters.

The claims adjuster will attempt to minimize the seriousness of your accident again attempting to offer you a few hundred dollars. Often they will send you a check for this money in hopes that you will cash the check, which would effective close your case. My firm’s primary job is to zealously represent my clients, to protect the interest of my clients, to maximize their recovery and to obtain a fair settlement or judgment for my client’s pain, suffering, inconvenience and lost earnings.

With almost 25 years of motor vehicle injury litigation experience backed by a Folsom personal injury lawyer in California that has ridden a motorcycle for almost 50 years I can promise my clients that I have a unique experience that most attorneys in California do not have. I am also a retired police officer and worked for several insurance companies prior to opening my own practice in 1992. We know the right experts to hire if an insurance company contests your case. We also work with some of the finest doctors in Northern California. Motorcycle injuries are unique and they often require specific expertise that a lot of doctors lack.

Types of Damages Recoverable in Motorcycle Accident

 Medical costs and expenses both past and future. If you don’t have medical insurance we have doctors that will take a lien on your case until it settles.

  • Pain and suffering. Again often times motorcycle riders are seriously injured and may require months of painful rehabilitation and treatment.
  • Lost earnings.
  • Mental pain and suffering, PTSD, loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Loss of enjoyment.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Property damage.
  • In the case where the other driver was drunk or intentionally caused your crash we can obtain punitive damages.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident never do any of the following:

  • Leave the scene without exchanging information such as your driver’s license number, address, phone and insurance information.
  • Admit fault.
  • Allow witnesses to leave the scene without obtaining contact information.
  • Provide a recorded statement with the other person’s insurance company. Like a Miranda Warning: what you say can and will be used against you.
  • Sign a settlement offer without obtaining legal consultation first.

If you have been involved a motorcycle accident make sure you do the following:

  • Obtain information – get contact information from everyone at the scene. Often times witnesses don’t wait around for law enforcement and you can lose a valuable witness
  • Take photographs – of the scene, the vehicles involved, everyone involved
  • Call law enforcement – oftentimes law enforcement agencies will attempt to avoid taking a report, insist on one
  • If anyone is hurt call 911 and ask for assistance.
  • Preserve your vehicle – do not let anyone start working on your motorcycle until you have had numerous photographs taken showing the damage

Do I Really Need a Motorcycle Attorney?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,

  • A motorcycle rider has five times the chances of being injured, and thirty times the chances of dying in a motorcycle collision as someone in a passenger car!
  • Motorcycle riders and passengers often suffer life changing injuries, and motorcycle accident victims often suffer severe and permanent injuries.
  • Far too many of these devastating accidents occur because of negligent drivers.

All insurance companies hope that you do not hire an attorney. They are not supposed to, but the vast majority of insurance companies will tell that you are in “good hands” and that you don’t need to hire an attorney. They will say that they will take good care of you. Always remember, an insurance company is in business for only one thing, to make money for their investors.  They are looking out for the best interests of their company and their insureds. They are not there to help you.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a motorcycle accident in California, contact our office today for a free consultation.

My firm does not charge any legal fees unless we settle your case.