rear end accidents

Folsom personal injury lawyers have seen it happen many times. What was thought to be a minor rear end accident resulted in major injuries for the motorists involved and their passengers. The Law Office of Black & DePaoli, PC has dealt with many cases where a small collision caused endless pain and suffering for a client. Just because an accident was minor does not mean it can not carry severe consequences for the injured.

What Hurts Motorists and Vehicle Occupants Most Following a Collision

Folsom car accident attorney possesses knowledge about the law that helps you better prepare to seek damages for the injuries you sustained during a minor rear end accident. Among the most common complaints motorists and passengers have following a wreck is whiplash, sprains, and dislocations. The severity of each injury varies from client to client.

Medical Reports Help Build Cases Where Compensation is Sought

A minor rear end accident occurs at slower speeds but can be just as debilitating as a high-speed accident because of the extent of the injuries that took place. Even if you think you and your passengers look ok, it is best to be checked out by medical professionals to make sure there is no damage done to your internal organs. Neck, and limb injuries can prevent you from doing your job safely and efficiently leading to lost wages and expensive medical treatments or surgeries.

Seek Legal Advice Soon After Your Accident

If you have been involved in a minor rear end accident and feel pain, it is important to seek medical help right away. The next thing to do is to contact a Folsom personal injury lawyer to discuss the details of your accident. The sooner you reach out to us, the better because it allows us to seek compensation on your behalf quickly and efficiently.