doctor reviews spinal injury for personal injury case

Have you recently suffered a spinal cord injury? Your injury may have occurred as the result of a slip and fall accident at work or in a public place. It may have happened on the highway as the result of a car accident. It may even have occurred as the result of an accident caused by a faulty product that you used at your home.

Regardless of where it may have occurred, you have very likely suffered a severe injury that could affect the quality of your life for a long time to come – perhaps even permanently. If your insurance company has offered you an insultingly low settlement or none at all, you don’t have to accept this. Your best bet will be to secure the services of personal injury lawyers in Sacramento.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Spinal Injuries?

There are several common causes of spinal injuries. You may have received a sudden blow to your spine that fractured, crushed, or dislocated one of your vertebrae. It may have been due to flying debris from an accident that cut your spinal cord.

Your injuries may have been made worse by excess swelling, bleeding, inflammation or the accumulation of fluid in or around your spinal cord. This may have been caused by faulty emergency medical treatment or medical malpractice by the physician that treated your injury. Sacramento CA injury lawyers can help you file your personal injury case to assign the proper blame.

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