Driverless Cars

In the past few years the number of traffic accidents have been devastating all over the country. Many of these car accidents are the result of a distracted driver. There now seems to be a greater push in the technology world to make cars safer, and drivers more aware.

The technology in automobiles have come a long way over the past several years, they are not quite driverless yet, but they are getting close. Vehicles now come equipped with, lane change detection, auto-slow-down cruise control, blind spot detection, parking assistance, along with front and rear facing cameras that let you know when you are close to something, alarms that tell you to watch something near you, among many other features. We are now seeing rapid technological growth in artificial intelligence. Due to this growth, these vehicles are operating more and more on their own.

Places like Google have been testing self-driving vehicles for years now. These cars have the potential to dramatically decrease the number of accidents on our road ways. However, even though these cars could potentially make our roads safer it is unlikely that accidents will go away completely. A lot of this is still unknown, there could be malfunctions, there may still be people that drive their older cars that don’t have all the “new” features, unless at some point the law requires a ban on this type of automobile.

In my mind the biggest question becomes if I purchase a car that is “self-driven” meaning I only have to get in it, press a few buttons, but the vehicle takes over from there… What happens if it crashes? Am I still at fault? Or is it the cars fault? My assumption would be that there would be a lot of liability on the car manufacturer, but this is all new territory for us.

In our auto accident law world, the first thing we need to determine is who is at fault for the collision? Will it be the cars fault? Or the drivers fault? Currently, these are all unknown areas that could change our laws. Auto insurance may change. One thing that generally comes with new technology is that there will always be some pros and some cons. The New York Times talks about some of these. One area they touch on is with the potential benefits to those with disabilities, up until now those with significant disabilities have always had to have someone else drive them, or more likely, use public transportation. These driverless vehicles might now provide a new sense of freedom and a way to get around for people that previously had to rely on public transportation. If these cars do all the work, then people who previously couldn’t drive, may see some real benefits here. Since the area is still developing, and there might be multiple people responsible for the damages incurred, if you are involved in an accident where you think some of these issues might come up, it would be important to contact an experienced Sacramento Injury Lawyer. You may still be able to seek compensation for any injuries you have sustained while driving this type of car. As always, please feel free to give us a call if you have any additional questions or concerns at phone (916) 634-0729.

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