distracted driver with phone and coffee

The United States sees about 2.5 million car accidents each year, according to DistractedDriverAccidents.com. 1.6 million of them involve cell phone distractions while different forms of distraction cause other incidents. All states are cracking down on their handling of distracted driving incidents. The following is some information about distracted driving that may be able to help you when you’re on the road.

What Is Distracted Driving?

The quick definition of distracted driving is operating a vehicle without full attention on the road. Many victims of these accidents receive serious injuries because of distracted driving. The Folsom car accident lawyers help those people to collect compensation that rightfully belongs to them. Some of the most common distractions can come from cell phone usage, other people in the vehicle, GPS navigation devices, music players and food or drinks in the car. The Folsom personal injury law firm works hard to protect people who have been hurt because of such distractions. If you have been personally harmed in an accident like that, you can call a Folsom personal injury lawyer.

What Happens to Distracted Drivers?

If Folsom car accident attorneys are called to represent someone who has been hurt, distracted drivers may be subject to fines and personal injury payments. They may have to pay a settlement to the individual who was hurt by the distraction. If you’re the victim, that means you can collect monies from the offending party.

What to Do About a Distracted Driving Incident

If you or someone you know has been harmed or injured by a distracted driver, an attorney can help you receive compensation for the pain and discomfort the incident caused you. Do not let the situation go unresolved because you could end up in a financial struggle during your injury recovery. You don’t have to struggle as a victim of distracted driving. You can contact a provider who can defend your right to travel safely. Visit a Sacramento car accident lawyer for a consultation so that you can get assistance as quickly as possible.