If you have received injuries due to the negligence of someone else, the financial burden of the extra medical bills, time off work, and other physical and emotional damages can be overwhelming. When you find yourself unable to afford the associated expenses, a personal injury lawsuit can be a saving grace – a way to hold the other party accountable … Continue reading

If you have recently experienced an injury due to someone else’s carelessness, you may have decided that the best way to relieve the financial burden associated with your injuries is to hold the other party accountable for their actions. In most cases, accountability necessitates a personal injury lawsuit, in which you can pursue compensation for the financial damages caused by … Continue reading

According to the CDC, more than 29 million people visited emergency rooms in the United States due to an unintentional injury. The same year, more than 35 million people visited a physician’s office for the same reason. While some of these injuries are accidents, many others are caused by the action or inaction of someone else. When you receive injuries … Continue reading

Social media is an almost unavoidable aspect of life in the digital age, as evidenced by the 3.6 billion people worldwide that subscribe to the various platforms and websites. As a result, many of us are accustomed to sharing nearly every occurrence in our daily lives – both significant and insignificant. Many times, these photos, videos, and personal statements can … Continue reading

When you or a loved one are suffering as the result of an injury caused by someone else, you will also have medical bills and other financial obligations to compound your struggles. For many people, the undue financial burden presents a hardship that is difficult to surmount without help. Fortunately, personal injury claims provide a way for you to receive … Continue reading

The civil court system primarily handles legal disputes between private individuals. When an individual suffers a bodily injury, psychological damage, or a financial loss due to the actions of another party, this constitutes a personal injury, a type of tort lawsuit brought to civil court by an injured plaintiff against a named defendant. Personal injury law allows individuals who have suffered injuries … Continue reading

Have you recently suffered an injury in a car accident with a negligent driver or due to a property owner’s poor care and maintenance of their property? Personal injury cases take many forms, and an experienced attorney can help you with each step. Losses from a personal injury can extend well beyond the initial hospital bills and lost income from missing time … Continue reading

Personal injury law is a branch of civil law that covers disputes between private parties. The basis of a personal injury claim is negligence – an event in which one party injures another due to a lack of reasonable care. If you or someone you know recently suffered an injury while visiting someone else’s home, while shopping in a retail store open … Continue reading

Personal injury is a branch of civil law that pertains to disputes over damages between private parties. Many personal injury lawsuits result from car accidents caused by negligent driving, but they can also arise from premises liability claims, dog bite injuries, negligent security, and injuries from dangerous or defective consumer products. In a personal injury claim, the claimant, also known as … Continue reading