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Many people living in and around Folsom, California, enjoy riding bicycles. While some do so for exercise or pleasure, others use bicycles as alternative transportation to and from work. Both options are an environmentally conscious choice to save money, limit fossil fuel consumption, and engage in daily exercise. While there are many benefits to bicycling in California, it is also inherently dangerous when bicyclists share the road with motor vehicle drivers.

Drivers in California must treat bicyclists on the road as other motorists. Bicyclists have the right to take a lane and occupy space in a lane just as a car would. They must move with the flow of traffic like another car. However, there are some roads where bicycles are not allowed, such as highways and freeways. With these exceptions aside, it’s generally accepted that drivers should yield to bicyclists and show them the same courtesies they would show to other motor vehicle drivers. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Bicycle accidents happen in California more frequently than many people realize.


When you need to take legal action for a personal injury, it is essential to work quickly to ensure your claim meets the applicable statute of limitations. In California, you have two years from the date an injury occurs to file a personal injury claim to recover damages from the incident. An attorney can help injured bicyclists determine the full scope of their injuries and help identify potential defendants in the claim.

At the Law Offices of Black and DePaoli, PC, our legal team has extensive experience with bicycle accident claims in the Folsom area. If you need a bike accident personal injury lawyer in Folsom, California, our team can provide the resources and legal acumen to reach a satisfactory result. Your attorney will fully explore every potential channel of compensation available with your claim and help you maximize your recovery.


Notably, while statistics show a decline in bicycle accidents over time, the United States has experienced an uptick in fatalities following these accidents. For example, in 2018, the United States saw a total of 857 fatalities from bike accidents. This is up significantly from the year prior, when there were only 777 bike accident fatalities in the nation. Alarmingly, this trend is on a steady rise.

Why could this be? One possibility involves the increasing popularity of bicycling for commuting or daily travel. In part, this influx of cyclists also implies an increase in new, less experienced cyclists on the road. Those new to bicycling might not be familiar with certain safe biking practices. This could lead to a greater likelihood of experiencing an accident.

It should also be noted that 70% of fatal cycling accidents occur in urban environments. Due to the increasing popularity of bicycling and advocacy for the practice within cities, a good portion of the increase in cycling overall occurs in urban spaces. Cities also feature far busier and more dangerous roads, resulting in a higher likelihood of experiencing a fatality after a bike accident.

Simultaneously, cities experience multiple obstacles when it comes to installing brand-new safety features for cyclists. Despite the increase of cycling within urban areas, cities struggle to keep up with the demand for better infrastructure. Even if cities advocate and plan, many of them have yet to improve infrastructure for bicyclists. These changes will be vital in helping to stop the rise of bicycle accident fatalities.


According to a 2016 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), California is the most dangerous state in the country for bicyclists. This report indicated that bicycle accidents represented about 4% of the state’s total fatal accidents for 2016 and that the majority of fatal bike accidents, about 71% of them, occur in urban areas.

When bicyclists have accidents with motor vehicles, it is almost always the bicyclist who suffers worse injuries. A bicycle affords a rider no protection whatsoever from the force of a crash. Additionally, the bicyclist will experience not only primary injuries from the impact of the crash but also secondary injuries from hitting the pavement after falling from the bike. These injuries can be severe and sometimes fatal. Anyone who experiences a bicycle accident in Folsom or loses a loved one to a fatal bike accident in the area should contact a bicycle accident personal injury attorney in Folsom, California, as soon as possible to discuss potential legal options.

Most bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles happen because the driver of the motor vehicle does not notice the bicyclist in time to avoid a crash. Other accidents occur due to aggressive driving, driving under the influence (DUI), or failing to show a bicyclist the courtesy due to another motorist on the road. When a bicycle accident occurs due to negligence, the injured party can file a personal injury claim against the negligent party responsible for causing the accident.


Sadly, much of the time, bicycle accidents occur as a result of a motor vehicle driver’s negligence. It is a driver’s duty of care— whether they are operating a car, a truck, or any other motor vehicle— to remain mindful and reasonably preserve the safety of others on the road. As a result, drivers must remain aware of cyclists and their rightful presence on the road.

Colliding with a bicyclist is not excusable simply because the driver failed to see them. If the bicyclist is obeying traffic laws, it is the driver’s responsibility to account for them. Failing to notice a bicyclist and causing a crash constitutes negligence. In these cases, seek legal counsel from a bicycle accidents lawyer.

Below are some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents on the road:


Similar to any accident on the road, a bicycle accident can cause myriad different injuries on the part of both the bicyclist and motorist. However, when a car collides with a cyclist, it is almost guaranteed that the bicyclist will suffer the brunt of the injury. While the vehicle driver is protected by the mass of their vehicle, a cyclist is not afforded this advantage. Even with a helmet and other safety necessities, a cyclist’s body remains exposed to injury.

Unfortunately, many bicyclists receive catastrophic injuries from a collision with a motor vehicle. Examples of potential injuries resulting from a cycling accident include but are not limited to:


After you experience a bicycle accident, securing the services of a skilled bicycle accident lawyer is essential to help you navigate your personal injury claim. In fact, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is your first step to achieving the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are just some of the reasons why injured cyclists should hire a bike accident attorney:


If you sustained an injury during a bicycle accident, you should contact a Folsom bicycle accidents lawyer as soon as possible. You will want your attorney to receive any and all documentation regarding your injuries, including medical bills, diagnoses, medications, medical equipment, and more. Your attorney can help you begin the documentation process to prepare your claim right away.

If you try to work directly with the insurance companies, they may attempt to get you to give a statement regarding the accident, potentially assigning you fault and lowering your claim amount. Even a seemingly innocuous statement about the accident or your injuries can be manipulated into an admittance of partial fault or used to diminish the severity of your injuries. Do not speak to these profit-driven companies on your own, without an experienced personal injury attorney at your side.


Personal injury is a section of civil law that pertains to injury claims between private individuals and privately-owned companies. One of the most prevalent legal concepts in personal injury law is negligence, or the failure of a party to act with reasonable care in a given situation. When it comes to personal injury claims for damages sustained in bicycle accidents, proving negligence comes down to establishing four basic elements:

If the plaintiff suffered no damage, there is no claim. Personal injury claims exist to provide compensation to an injured person who sustained their injuries due to another party’s negligence. The plaintiff’s attorney must also provide evidence showing the full extent of the plaintiff’s claimed damages.

Finally, the plaintiff’s attorney must prove that the plaintiff’s claimed damages would not have occurred if not for the defendant’s negligence.

Establishing these four elements of negligence will typically lead to a favorable result for a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit for a bicycle accident. However, California law also maintains a pure comparative negligence statute that all plaintiffs should understand when heading into a personal injury lawsuit.


California law recognizes that in some personal injury cases, a plaintiff may bear partial responsibility for claimed damages. In most states, the law allows a plaintiff to claim damages even if they are partially at fault for causing the damaging event in question. However, these states only allow the plaintiff to receive compensation if the plaintiff is less at fault than the defendant. California has no such restriction under the state’s pure comparative negligence law. A plaintiff can still recover compensation even if the plaintiff is found 99% at fault for claimed damages.

Under California’s pure comparative negligence law, the plaintiff who is partially at fault for claimed damages will lose a percentage of the case award equal to their fault percentage in the claim. For example, in a $100,000 lawsuit in which the plaintiff is 40% at fault, the plaintiff loses 40% of the case award for a net award of $60,000 instead.


A bicycle accident can cause serious injuries. Some of the most common damages claimed in bicycle lawsuits in Folsom, California include:

A plaintiff in a bicycle accident case will need to work closely with a bike accident personal injury attorney in Folsom, California, to determine the full extent of their claimable damages and identify the parties who bear responsibility for those damages.


Even after your Folsom bicycle accident attorney begins pursuing your case, you might not know what kind of settlement to expect. Fortunately, your attorney will be able to aid you in calculating a rough estimate of your damages, both general and special. The total of your settlement will be highly dependent on the circumstances of your individual accident as well as on your total damages.

After your case goes to court or your attorney begins negotiations with your insurance company, your settlement amount depends on the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, your degree of fault, and your attorney’s ability to effectively communicate the extent of your injuries. When your case depends on the courts, you may receive compensation equal to your damages minus your percentage of fault. In an insurance settlement, you are typically limited to the other party’s maximum coverage. Therefore, a reasonable settlement amount varies widely based on many factors—speak with a Folsom bicycle accident lawyer to get a better idea regarding your potential settlement.


The legal system in California is notoriously complex, and a bicycle accident victim with no legal experience will have a great deal of difficulty navigating the court system without the help of an attorney. Missing a court filing deadline or otherwise failing to pursue a claim correctly could lead to losing the chance to secure compensation.

An experienced bicycle accident personal injury lawyer in Folsom, California, can handle a bicycle accident victim’s legal concerns so they can focus on their recovery. At the Law Offices of Black & DePaoli, PC, we understand how damaging these accidents can be and work hard to ensure our clients maximize their recoveries. If you recently experienced a bicycle accident in the Folsom area or lost a loved one in a fatal bicycle accident caused by a negligent driver, contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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